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Caroling On The Square Still Free


theresaknott_snowmanDare To Dream has heard through the “grape-vine” that the “Spirit of Christmas” still lives at Warren’s Historic Courthouse Square and Caroling on the Square.

In a previous post concerning the possibility of charging a “buck” for a photo with Santa and another dollar to ride the horse drawn cart around the Square, Warren Grows has decided not to charge.

Dare To Dream is pleased that the “Tradition” of Christmas, “It is more blessed to give than receive” and not the money counting “Scrooge”, will be the cornerstone of what is truely a family event for Warren and the Mahoning Valley.

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  1. Josh permalink
    11/17/2008 4:32 pm

    Well, I’m pretty plugged into this whole thing and I’m hearing two different things. One is that the ‘promotions’ person decided this wasn’t a fight worth fighting. The fact that some people decided to make this ‘a fight’ is a shame. And they’ll be a donation box—Which I’m sure all of the locals will pitch in…Maybe even that one person Walt English was literally crying about when this person offered up a handful of change at one of the Summit concerts as a donation. Funny how not one concert has paid for itself when hoping the locals will buy enough beer or make donations.

    And the other thing I’ve heard is that they will be charging for the pictures and the carriage rides.

    If they are not charging, its a shame that Warren Grows backed away from all of the concerns of courthouse square businesses. Just don’t count on some of us to be open or to give out free crap to the locals. We’ve seen the trends, since we are actually here and open for events downtown, and have noted that giving away free stuff DOES NOTHING for us. Catering to the locals has DONE NOTHING for us. If we, or any actual business around the square had to depend on ‘the locals’, none of us would be open past a month—

    People with no money need to stay home. And to the person or persons who ‘fought’ this with the line ‘what if people come downtown for the event and have no money?’ Well, what good does that person do for the businesses or for the event itself when they don’t have a few dollars on hand? $1.00 for a picture with Santa is considered an outrage? — The price is now $10.00- 36.00 (depending on the ‘package’ you want) at the eastwood mall…thank the good lord Warren offers a free alternative to that!!!!

    ‘What would Jesus do?’ Let me invoke another fictional character and ask ‘What would Batman do?’ He would probably charge.

    Christmas or not. Gee-whiz, in Cambridge Ohio, they’re doing something called a ‘chocolate walk’—$15.00 gets you a bag, you get a ticket, and you walk around the square and businesses give out the candy and hot chocolate—to the 250 (only 250 tickets sold) people who buy the $15.00 ticket.

    Gee-whiz—Too bad the professional folks and the upper-middle class people have to deal with the dirty, coat-less children and their classless parents looking for free stuff. We get people in from Boardman and Canfield at the skating rink (it costs money!), won’t count on them coming to the Caroling ceremony though. Just like the plenty of people I’ve heard who won’t go to the Summit concerts again due to the ‘rough-looking’ crowds…

    Keep it up, you folks keeping yourselves tied to the past and how things have always been done. You just keep showing how irrelevant you, your groups and your ways of thinking really are to the downtown we have, and to the downtown we could one day have.

    And if my tone is angry, it is because I am angry. And if any of this sounds rude, it is just because I am at my wit’s end when it comes to downtown and trying to do stuff for downtown—And I’ve only been at it a year—-Want to see another screed from me, just bring up the Skate park—About the only other issue I can get as mad about…. 🙂

  2. 11/23/2008 4:52 pm

    Josh, I wanted to answer you with something deep and wise but alas it escapes me. You often write things I agree with and or where I can see your point of view but this time I’m saddened by what you’ve written.

    The only thing that comes to mind as I read your words was “Are there no workhouses?…Are there no prisons?…Then let them starve and decrease the surplus population.”

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