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Is It Starting To Look Like A Third Clinton Term?


flag-c2Yesterday, think a lot of people did the same thing, I took a deep breath and relaxed, savoring the moment plus contemplating the magnitude of the events of this Presidential election.

I’ve been watching the “transition” unfold with keen interest, in-fact I had mentioned this past Wednesday that I could see President-elect Obama tapping many of President Clinton’s people for his staff and cabinet.

A consensus was that he wouldn’t do that because “it would look like business as usual.” But here we are three days later and it really does look like Obama’s starting off looking like a third term for Bill Clinton.

My observations were confirmed last night on the MSNBC show Rachel Maddow, when she too mentioned the fact that a lot of Clinton people are being “tap” to play a roll in the transition team and being mention for cabinet posts.

I might be able to can see the “transition team” members being Clinton people. They’ve been there and done it before. It’s been a long 8 years and they are the only Democrats to have expertise on the transition from one Administration to another. You have to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter’s administration for anyone else with that sort of knowledge.

When it comes to the Cabinet, it is my hope that President Obama will introduce mostly new faces with new ideas, a new spirituality if you will, to the concept of governing. I am sure he can find bright, articulate people, as himself, that aren’t tied with the partisan past of Washington.

The Country elected Obama primarily because of his “new” approach, the freshness of his style and the lack of “beltway” baggage. hopefully that will be transfered to the people the President-elect will surround himself in governing.

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  1. Josh permalink
    11/17/2008 5:19 pm

    Let us hope this is not a third Clinton term, with more cuts on social spending, expanding of corporate power, free trade acts and deregulation—

    The Rahm Emanuel appointment, his first official announcement, does not give me much hope that President Obama will reverse 40 years of catering to Israel with the US’s one-sided ‘diplomacy’ on the various disputes involving that ‘lone bastion of freedom and democracy’ and its disputes with the displaced natives who still are being pushed off of their lands in the occupied territories.

    Rahm is the definition of an ‘Israeli firster’—Zionism runs in his veins and his appointment might have been a show to the ‘hard right’ in this country and in Israel that things will continue as they have been.

    And I was raised jewish and think all this.

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