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LaTourette Goes Negative Like McCain and Dole


It always seems to happen when a campaign thinks they’re losing, or if they think they might lose, they go negative.

We see it right now with John McCain and his “burn and pillage” attack ads on Obama and we saw it this week with Elizabeth Dole, in North Carolina, calling her opponent “Godless” as she falls farther behind in the polls.

This year the electorate doesn’t seem to buy into any of it and the “boomarang” comes back and hits them instead.

The race in Ohio’s 14th Congressional District is tightening and representative Steve LaTourette must feel that his 16 years in the Congress is about to slip away from him.

A group, funded largely of Wall Street Bankers, has bought television ads attacking Democrat candidate Bill O’Neill on issues that have long been resolved.

Republicans Who Care are airing an ad attacking O’Neill for tax errors that were admitted and corrected years ago.

Campaign spokesperson Justin Barasky, commented to Dare To Dream, “You don’t go negative when you’re winning. Thousands of Northeast Ohioans are about to lose their jobs because Steve LaTourette didn’t do his job. Now it looks like Steve’s buddies on Wall Street are coming to give him a bailout of his own.”

The ad criticizes O’Neill for taxes that were not paid on property, that O’Neill sold in Ashtabula County in the early 1990s, and which paperwork errors failed to acknowledge the change in property owners.

O’Neill’s campaign has documentation from the Ashtabula County Auditor acknowledging that no property was owned and no taxes were owed, by O’Neill after 1994.

This error was admitted by the candidate and this attack has been used before against O’Neill.

It would appear that LaTourette, in going negative, is trying to deflect attention in his fear that the voters will be asking the important question of “Why is Northeastern Ohio losing all those jobs at National City Bank when he has a seat on the Banking Committee?”

Barasky stated to Dare To Dream that “The difference between Steve LaTourette and Bill O’Neill is that Bill can admit when he has made a mistake and LaTourette just points his finger in another direction.”

As I started out at the beginning of this post, about the “boomarang” coming back, maybe the O’Neill Campaign needs to bring up past issues that has been questioned before about LaTourette and never fully answered. First his association with Jack Abramoff and secondly his ties to Forest City and their gambling issues.

Better ‘duck” Congressman, those “boomarangs” can hurt.

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