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Air Quotes and Windshield Wiper Wave


I have a few Mid-Week Political Tidbits that I’d like to get out of my system.

1). What is it with all those McCain “Air Quotes”? I had seen him use the hand ” ” before but as I watched his speech in Pennsylvania yesterday, it just becomes too much.

Of course his famous “health and safety” air quote during the debate has become his most famous but I went looking for others.

Judy Muller, Huffington Post, did a posting on 10/16/08 concerning the “air quotes” and how badly they “misfired” and Newsweek did an article on 10/17/08 about the same issue.

Finally I found that Skeptic Turtle’s Blog-O-Rama had compiled many others which I found to be highly informative.

If you, like I did, let your imagination go wild, can you see McCain speaking at the State of the Union or to the United Nations and there’s those damnable “air quotes”. I do wonder how an interpreter would translate those into a coherent sentence.

2). How about that Palin “windshield wave”? Hey, that can be used in air quotes.

Again I went searching and I found many others on the web who find that gesture a bit off the wall too.

3). Palin’s attack on Obama for “spreading the wealth” seems sort of hypocritical since a couple of months ago she used the same statement when referring to Alaskans and the checks they receive from oil revenues.

4). In Palin’s demeaning and ranting statements about “socialism”, she overlooks the fact that as she speaks, many of our close allies around the world are listening and they, most of who are Parliamentary Democracies, are socialists. We’re not wining friends abroad with the Governor.

5). The Governor states how “Un-American” sharing the wealth is but wait a minute, didn’t early colonies of this America have common food storage to survive the Winter? Isn’t that “sharing the wealth”?

6). Isn’t the concept of “heaven” a form of socialism?

7). Lastly, Republicans have been sharing the wealth for the last 8 years. Sharing the wealth with “corporate America” and thereby shrinking the middle class. “Trickle down economics” which hasn’t “trickled”.

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  1. 10/29/2008 9:42 am

    This is what constitutes GOP “ideas” these days.

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