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O’Neill Proposes “Block Sale of National City”


Bill O’Neill, Democrat Candidate for Ohio’s 14th Congressional District, today called on Congress to “step in and block” the sale of Cleveland based National City Bank to PNC Bank of Pittsburgh.

Incumbent Congressman and senior member of the Financial Services Committee, Republican Steve Latourette, has called for an investigation into the sale’s “behind the scenes dealings”.

O’Neill has asked the Ohio delegation to “step up” and save what appears to be thousand of Northeast Ohio jobs that would be lost with this purchase of NCB.

Stressing that “These are our taxpayer dollars…” O’Neill added, “Congress can save these jobs…now is the time for our representation in Congress to stand up and fight,”

Dare To Dream agrees with O’Neill that LaTourette’s call for an investigation is “too little, too late” for thousand of Ohioans and their jobs. Letters or investigations won’t save their jobs.

Justin Barasky, O’Neill spokesperson, summed it up quite nicely stating “The difference between Bill O’Neill and Steve LaTourette is that Bill O’Neill wants to prevent the loss of these jobs and Steve LaTourette wants to find out how we lost them.”

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  1. Scott permalink
    10/27/2008 7:25 pm

    I just don’t get Bill O’Neill

    First he runs ads attacking LaTourette for supporting the bailout and being owned by Wall Street.

    Then LaTourette votes against the bailout….twice.

    Next O’Neill supports the bailout.

    Then O’Neill highlights editorials attacking LaTourette for voting against the bailout and sticking up against Wall Street.

    Next the bailout is used to destroy National City.

    Then O’Neill attacks LaTourette for not doing anything for National City, even though it was the bailout which killed it.

    Next Latourette breaks the story about the fed assistant and their connection to PNC and calls for hearings

    Then O’Neill says that’s not enough

    Maybe O’Neill should stay retired.

  2. Adam permalink
    10/28/2008 6:21 am

    Steve LaTourette is a Senior member on the financial services committee. How on earth did he let one of our only 2 big banks in Cleveland collapse? Forget his vote on the bailout (a bailout that was needed because of his vote to deregulate the banks). Where was he the last 14 years while National City was failing, and where was he after the bailout vote?

  3. 10/28/2008 9:07 am

    Scott, you “sniping” at the end of your comment is so “Rove-ian” and should not even be in the discussion.

    Dare To Dream could have posted “rants” about LaTourette but have stayed away from that end of the political spectrum and concentrated on the present issues.

    We could have pointed out how LaTourette was tied to the Jack Abramoff scandal in 2006.

    His ties to Forest City and their interest in “gambling issues”.

    We could have even gone with the “Family values for you but not for me approach” and tie him in with many other Republicans over the last two years who have made bad judgment calls with morality, but we’re sticking with the issues.

    Lastly, I’m glad that Bill has a “Public Service” calling over retirement.

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