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2008 Election May Result in Palin Leading Republican’s in 2012 and the Rise of a Stong Third Party


I’ve been sort of “mulling” over a theory, and it could be a half “baked Alaska”, about what will happen after the election of Barack Obama as President. Oh not with his administration as such but with the “Grand Old Party.”

When I proposed my theory this morning over coffee I was told that it should make it to the “blog” so here it is.

As I have been watching the events of the last week unfold, with the blame game in full swing, it’s obvious that many Republicans are “transferring” or leaving the “Straight Talking Express” and not waiting to reach their final destination.

By virtue of the fact that Governor Palin is the Republican VP choice for the 2008 election, and backed by “tradition”, she will probably inherit the mantle of “Party Leader.”

In her favor, she has galvanized the GOP base but has turned off many, if not all, of the so called “Reagan Democrats”, plus many of the “centrist” Republicans.

I really don’t fore see any strong Republican Senator, Congressman or Governor stepping forward after the “bus crash” to challenge Palin’s leadership, especially with the vocal support she’ll have with the “Limburgers” and “O’Reallys” rallying to her cause.

So with her “hard core base”, what happens to the many disenfranchised Republicans and so-called “Reagan Democrats?”

Depending on how the first years of an Obama administration goes, we might be seeing the development of a strong third party and that would primarily be built on a foundation of Republicans searching for a “new vision’ and a “new direction.”

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  1. 03/08/2009 11:48 am

    You’ve asked the million dollar question. The moderate Republicans and Conservatvie “Reagan” Democrats have no place to call home. There are many people from both camps seriously looking at the creation of the centrist third party.

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