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So Many Polls and I Never Get Asked


So many polls floating around for political pundits to analyze and peruse you would think that I might get at least one of the many pollsters out there to ask my opinion.

Last night I was watching one of my favorite “news” shows and there was the latest poll, a Rueters/Zogby Poll, and my attention was quickly grabbed when I heard that John McCain was leading in the 55 to 69 year old age group by an extensive margin.

“Hey”, I yelled at the TV, “no-one asked me and I fit in that demographic.” In fact I don’t know anyone of my acquaintances that have been polled in any demographic.

Right there and then I decided it was time for the Dare To Dream Poll 2008 Presidential Election and I would be the first to be polled.

So if you haven’t been polled, here’s your chance, and if you are one of the “lucky ones” who’ve seen a pollster, go ahead, let us hear from you anyway and fill out the DTD Poll. You’ll see we have given you a choice of “None of the Above” also in the selection.

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