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Circle of Caring

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Growing up there was a plaque that always hung by the front door for all those who visited our house to see. It had a simple message, “A family is a circle of caring: strong and eternal, perfect unto itself.”

Today, my life partner and myself celebrate our 19th Anniversary together and that plaque still hangs by our front door.

Bob and I have always felt that we are a family. Oh, maybe not in the “traditional” definition but as a “circle of caring” and I might add love.

We have a house, jobs and pets. Of course our pets to us are family members, but I do believe that every family feels the same connection with their “pets”, making us no different than our neighbors.

Our struggle, during these bad economic times, is the same as everyone else.

Food prices, gas prices, utilities and mortgage affects us like everyone but we do not have the “rights” that other “families” in the same situations are given.

During the 2004 17th Ohio Congressional Democrat Caucus, that elected me as an Alternate-Delegate to the Convention, I asked a simple question, “I stand before you as an openly gay male who served four years in the military during Viet Nam defending this nation and it’s citizens rights, who is defending mine?”

I have been very blessed that Bob has for 19 years been my “rock.” Stood by me in good times but most of all he has stood by me closer in the bad ones.

I joking have told political friends that “Bob may not always see my dream, or vision, but he supports me through the fog.” His wise consul through all our struggles has been invaluable, and the perfect “mate” for this “Irish Rough” and “Child of the Sixties.”

This Anniversary is a little bit sadder with the loss of our dear Sofia. She weather’d the storm with Bob and myself through 16 years. She is sorely missed, but with Snowball, Moses and Teatro the family is completed, “A family is a circle of caring: strong and eternal, perfect unto itself.”

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  1. 10/15/2008 4:07 pm

    happy anniversary!!! what a great post

  2. Frank permalink
    10/16/2008 6:46 pm

    Congratulations!! I really miss you guys — and of course the Queen. Bless you both and your family.

  3. Carol permalink
    10/16/2008 7:06 pm

    Happy Anniversry to you both. Many more, also.

  4. 10/16/2008 8:25 pm

    but we do not have the “rights” that other “families” in the same situations are given.

    May the day come, and damn soon when words such as those you wrote, will no longer be heard. I am female, 88 years old, a widow for some fifteen years or more, and the mother of six wonderful children, but I believe “love” is just as real between two of the same sex as between a man and a woman. Some of the most beautiful poetry in my possession was written by a good friend of mine, a man who lived in love and harmony with his partner, Bob, until his death in the late eighties.

  5. calvin & dale permalink
    10/18/2008 1:28 pm

    congrats, as well our anniversary was the same day as you two, but 25 years for us…. good luck and many more….

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