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Biden Rally Preaching to the Choir


Well there I was, sitting in a familiar spot, familiar sights and sounds along with familiar friends but it just seemed like yesterday I was in the same spot waiting to hear John Edwards.

The last time I sat in the amphitheater for a political event I had just returned from being an elected Alternate-Delegate for John Kerry at the DNC, full of enthusiasm, spunk and a belief that we couldn’t have another four years of George Bush and things were going to get better.

Ah last, the dream became a four year nightmare.

Now I was sitting waiting for another to tell us again that “Change” was at hand and the best was still to come.

As I gazed around the crowd, I saw David Skolnick, the Youngstown Vindicator reporter, talking with a group of obvious first time voters. Young and willing to dream.

I started to look more closely at the throng gathered and there in groups of three and four were the young. Oh how it struck me that this was reminiscent of the Robert Kennedy rallies in the late 60’s.

Those rallies that stirred the imagination, the heart and the dream.

As Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden spoke, I watch the crowd of diversity yearning for that day when the dream of the 60’s could be a reality.

One could almost hear their hearts beating in chorus, “this year, this year.”

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