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Cordray on Protecting Seniors


In response to a Dare To Dream October 4th 2008 email, asking Ohio Attorney General Candidate Richard Cordray, about his plans to protect Ohio Seniors, Cordray responded with this statement.

“Guarding our seniors–our parents and grandparents–from physical threat and financial fraud will be a top priority of my administration.”

Cordray added, “I will create a ‘Senior Strike Force’ to assist local law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office in monitoring and helping us build cases against financial scams. I will find ways to bring the successful TRIAD program to communities throughout the state, and I will ask banks to work with us and to engage their employees in spotting and acting on fraud against senior customers.”

As many of our Dare To Dream readers know, Dare To Dream has been interested and active in supporting our seniors, especially since seniors represent 15% of our population but make up 30% of consumer fraud victims.

“These citizens – our friends, neighbors and family members – need an Attorney General who will stand up for them against the criminals who see seniors as a vulnerable target. That will be my mission and task for the people of Ohio,” Cordray emphasized.

Cordray’s proposed Senior Strike Force initiative is based on an Arizona program that partnerships the State Attorney General with senior advocacy groups. Senior citizens are asked to save thei mail solicitations for one month. With the assistance of the Attorney General’s office, the mail is sorted to find violations of consumer protection law or misleading solicitation techniques. Law enforcement uses the information against fraudulent operators and to educate seniors and their families about evolving scam tactics.

TRIAD is a three member program made up of the AARP, International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriff’s Association. A local TRIAD consists of the sheriff, police chief and older or retired leaders in the community working together to stop criminal victization of the elderly.

Ohio has TRIAD programs in 8 locations presently: Butler County, Clark County, Gallia County, Licking County, Lucas County, Richland County, Ross County, and the TRIAD Council of Northwest Ohio. Cordray does feel that it needs to be implemented “throughout the state.”

“As the enforcer of Ohio’s Consumer Protection Act, the Attorney General’s office is, at times,” Cordray added to Dare To Dreams question, “all that stands between financial predators and the most vulnerable members of out communities. I will take this responsibility very, very seriously and if elected will act immediately to bring these efforts to full speed.”

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