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“That One…”


Well the second debate is history and Obama, by consensus of most pundits, held his own.

Morning poll numbers show that Senator Obama was the winner.

Generally the second national debate was at best boring except for a couple of “senior moments” that “perked” my interest.

First there was the question of who the candidates favored as a possible Treasury Secretary. McCain was first to respond and his answer was attempt at maybe a “lame” joke, “Not you Tom…”. in reference to Tom Brokaw the moderator.

If it wasn’t an attempt to make funny “ha ha” then it might have been the “grumpy” side of the Senator for having the moderator ask a question in the obvious “town hall” format. You know, sort of a way of saying “what are you doing interjecting a question.”

The other “off the wall” comment was when McCain referred to Senator Obama as “That one” when talking about an Obama vote on an issue in the Senate.

Now one could say that it was a “Grandfatherly” sort of statement, or even just plain flippant but with the way things have been going with the Palin attack mode, could it have been McCain shading it towards a “racist” tinge?

Any way you look at it, McCain showed no respect for his opponent and no respect for the American people.

Since I brought up Palin’s attack mode, I have to make one frightening observation about her rallies.

When she speaks and people start yelling back answers, as was done in several rallies, “terrorist” etc, one is reminded of the facists rallies of the 30’s when Nazi’s whipped their audiences into a frenzy against the Jews.

When you get someone yelling back “kill him”, as was done in a McCain rally this week, you only need to go back in history to the “beer halls” of Munich to see the correlation.

McCain and Palin must take responsibility for these statements and disavow themselves from those followers who profess such animosity. Just as you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater when there isn’t one, you must also take full responsibility for the actions of your following when you have a rally and they profess violence towards an individual because of your words.

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