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Further Comparisons of Dann/Palin


There are some troublesome comparisons between McCain’s running mate and former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.

In this post, we will expand on the previous post, and the comparison, of resigned Ohio State Attorney General, Marc Dann, and the Republican candidate for VP and Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin.

With input from Steve Oravecz, this post expands Dare To Dreams look at the similarities.

First, His opponent, Auditor and former attorney General Betty Montgomery tried to make experience an issue in the campaign. Marc Dann protested that, even though he had only run a small law practice, he could do the job. When he resigned, he admitted that in fact he was not prepared.

The same things that brought Marc down underlie all of Palin’s shortcomings. Marc’s misuse of state resources and campaign funds parallels Palin’s per Diem for staying at home and state spending for her family’s travel.

There is even a sexual harassment parallel. The person Palin chose to replace the state patrol guy she forces out had to quit because of a sexual harassment charge she did not find when she appointed him without proper vetting. He later said he assumed they knew about it but didn’t ask. And of course there is the cronyism in filling jobs.

Palin appointed a grade-school chum head of the Alaska agriculture Dann appointed friend Ed Simpson to run the administrative side of the office. He also appointed two other friends to high posts and all three were fired.

It’s time to stop this type of politics and especially when one is campaigning on a “ticket” of change for a national office.

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