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Congressman LaTourette Votes No on Bailout


In response to an email question, from Dare To Dream “blog”, on Ohio’s 14th District Congressman Steve LaTourette’s no vote to the “economic bailout”, after he proposed an amendment that would have provided political cover for members of Congress in “tough races” failed, Democrat candidate Judge Bill O’Neill had this statement.

“Inaction is not an option right now. Families are losing their homes, people are watching their life savings disappear overnight, and we’re facing the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. The idea that our congressman would stand in the way of this urgently needed package – especially for callous political posturing – is downright offensive.

“The harsh reality is that Congressman LaTourette voted to deregulate the banks and then he took $1 million in campaign contributions from the financial services industry. He has to own up to his role in this crisis and get to work. The people of Northeast Ohio are hurting, and the congressman must put an end to the political games.”

Dare To Dream is excited with the NEW breath of fresh air that O’Neill brings this campaign and the prospect of “Change” to the “status quo” in Washington.

I have seen and talked to the Judge many times over the last several years and I feel his abilities, plus his insight and judgment, will represent Ohio’s 14th Congressional District with honesty, integrity and in “true public services”.

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  1. Scott permalink
    10/05/2008 1:06 pm

    Bill is just ticked off b/c he spent 50k in radio ads saying LaTourette wanted to bailout out the banks. After LaTourete voted against the bailout, O’Neill now has egg on his face.

  2. Todd permalink
    10/06/2008 4:47 pm

    Steve LaTourette initially supported the bank bailout, and the point of the ad was to say that Steve LaTourette voted to deregulate the banks in 1999 and has taken one million dollars from the mortage industry in his time in Congress. The whole reason we needed a bailout in the first place was because of people like Steve.

  3. 10/06/2008 5:01 pm

    It’s obvious that LaTourette has learned the Bush McCain mantra quite well…for the “bridge” before being “against” the bridge but take the money anyway.

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