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Wink, Wink. Nod, Nod

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Last nights debate, between Vice Presidential Candidates Biden and Palin, is over and I must confess that I’m not sure what I was watching “half” the time and that’s the “half” when Palin was speaking.

At first I thought it was a rerun of an old Monty Python routine called “Wink, Wink. Nod, Nod” but as the “winks” continued I then realized she was imitating Liberace with his famous “grin and wink” while facing the camera and playing the piano. All show and no go.

I know that we Liberals are known for our somber attitudes and formal behavior but Palin’s “Lucy Goosie” style sort of made a spectacle of an event that, with the present economic situation, should have been more substance than style.

Listening to commentators after the debate describe her style as “folksy” only reminded me of a scene in Northern Exposure and that show has been off the air for many years. Guess that style just didn’t catch on then and I believe it won’t catch on now.

It’s highly obvious that Palin was “coached” well for the debate and her “talking points” the foundation from which she didn’t stray. The lack of readiness to defend her running mate was apparent and over using the word “Maverick” only seem to be an old naval maneuver of laying smoke to hide the “ship”.

I thought that Senator Biden had the most memorable answer of the night when Palin commented ” Oh, there you go again Joe, pointing out the past…” when he stated that “Past is Prelude”. The Governor didn’t respond and I would gather that like the Couric interview she didn’t understand the depth of the statement.

The most frightening segment of the debate was the Governor trying to “lobby” for making the VP more Legislative in power than the Constitution, Article One, intended. Here she is seeking more power for a job she’s running to obtain and hasn’t even been elected. This fact alone shows how tied McCain and Palin are to this administration and it’s “Chaney” attitude towards power. So much for the “Conservative” reverence on protecting and honoring the Constitution.

Lastly, the Governor’s comments on a civil rights issue and the LGBT Community.

Retreating to the standard “Defense of Marriage” she skirted the issue of “civil rights” for the LGBT Community in honoring “committed relationships” in issues such as home ownership, inheritance, insurances and hospital visitation.

With the debate over I switched back and forth from CNN, MSNBC and even FOX News to here the “spin” and comparing them to my own “take” on the event.

I was pleasantly surprise to here Chris Mathews confirm what we had posted last Saturday about Senator McCain not “looking” at Obama throughout the entire first debate. It’s always nice to have my observations posted “fact checked” by professionals.

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