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Cordray/Governor Campaign Together


Dare to Dream was one of the first Ohio “Blogs” to endorse Rich Cordray’s candidacy for Ohio’s Attorney General and we feel that his strong “advocacy” for the protection of consumers and “working class” Ohioans stands him above the Republican candidate.

Ohio Governor Strickland, who will be campaigning with Cordray on Sunday, stated today that “Cordray knows the frustrations and the anxieties of ordinary families who are worried about money, about their homes, about their safety and about the future of their children.”

In the meetings and chats we have had with Rich, we feel that during these hard economic times he is the right person at the right time to protect Ohio families. He has stated over and over that he will ask “…the citizens of Ohio to help…” in identifying predatory lending and credit practices “…as they emerge, not when they are well on their way to undermining our communities…” and he has used the foreclosure problem throughout Ohio as one of those situations.

For our friends in the Ohio Valley, you will get to see and hear both Cordray and the Governor 12:30 pm Sunday in Bridgeport  at the Eagles #995, 2 pm Steubenville at the IBEW Local Union 246 Building and 3:30 pm in East Liverpool Motor Lodge Inn.

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