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Is Sarah Palin Alaska’s Marc Dann?


In a recent conversation with my friend Steve Oravcez, former Political Editor of the Warren Tribune Chronicle, he surprised me with an observation that there were many similarities between Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin and Ohio’s former Attorney General Marc Dann.

Marc Dann resigned in disgrace after several of his “cronies” appointments brought about ethics problems for the AG and then his own extra marital affair with a staffer added to the mix.

I sort of nodded and listened but really didn’t think much about the conversation until the Katie Couric’s interview with the hapless Governor.

In last Saturday’s post I had referenced that Palin had made Dan Quayle’s choice as VP look good but nothing came to mind about the Dann conversation until Monday when I had tea with Steve.

Oh as a side line, I noticed last night that Kieth Olberman, MSNBC Countdown, stated that a national paper had done an Op-Ed piece about the Quayle/Palin similarities, Not bad, Dare To Dream was the first to tie the two together and now it’s national.

Back to Marc Dann and Palin.

Like Marc Dann, I’m sure the Governor has had “good intentions” but just doesn’t have “good judgement” sense. The Amish have an old saying, “I intend better than I tend” and I think that’s should be Palin’s mantra.

Many have said that Marc wasn’t even a good lawyer as several have stated that Palin wasn’t a good Mayor, that’s why the first thing she did was hire a City Manager, and as Governor she also was found lacking.

Dann made bad decisions and mis-statements and so has the Alaska Governor.

It seems that Palin felt that she was above the law in appointing and firing people and that was obvious in Marc Dann’s case dealing with two of his subordinates.

Many Conservative Columnists have questioned the Governor’s credentials to be on the Republican ticket and have asked for Palin to step aside. Maybe this similarity will happen too as in the Dann resignation.

Updated story.

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