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I’m Bursting at the Seam


Well the move isn’t done but the computer is now at the new location and I’m “bursting at the seam” after watching the McCain and the Republican’s throw in everything but “Mom’s apple pie” in every slogan and event…or maybe that was served at ALL those lobbyist charity “fund” raisers.

It would appear that somewhere between the “Keating 5” and the convention, John McCain now seems to have found “God” and has a new vision for the “party” but how do you get away from your voting record Mr. Senator.

90% of the time you voted with Bush…that’s not “change.”

Lobbyist all throughout your staff…that’s not “change.”

Pallin who was for the “bridge to nowhere before she was against it”…that’s not change that’s just plain “flip-flop.”

The same old “Republican attacks and smear” without any proposing programs…that’s not change.

How can you speak to the “middle class” and empathize with them during what is truly a rough economic time when you have 7 houses and your wife wears a 300 thousand dollar dress at the convention along with a $4,500 watch, $450 dollar shoes, pearls that would feed a family of five for several months and let’s not mentions those diamond earrings?

Well Senator, this is one “Vet” who salutes your service but will be marking his ballot for a real chance for change because you see, I don’t think that you can “teach an old dog new tricks.”

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  1. 09/18/2008 3:27 pm

    Since I’m on “your side”, we would not have much to argue about, but how I’d love to sit and chat with you for an hour or two. I’ll bring the wine. Your preference, of course.

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