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Old Dog, New Tricks?


One wonders if Senator McCain is just the same “old politician” or has he learned some new tricks?

He criticizes Obama for being an elitist but has 7 houses and wears shoes worth several hundred dollars.

He mentions Obama and his dealings with Rezko but forgets he was a part of the Keating five.

He mentions his opponent is inexperienced to be President but picks a VP who has only two years as Governor.

McCain complained in 2000 about the “Swift Boat” tactics used against him in the primary but now is found to be doing the same thing to his rival.

He says that Obama is to “ambitious” to becomes President but in his own book McCain states that it was “my ambition” to become President.

He questions Obama and his judgement on issues yet forgets that the “Keating 5” reports stated that McCain “used poor judgement.”

He picks a VP candidate that is under investigation for “abuse of power” in “Troopergate” and appointed a Commissioner to replace Monegan who resigned two weeks later because of “sexual harassment” charges. Does this bode well for a VP pick?

Stay tuned, less than 60 days to election and it looks like a rough ride.

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  1. 09/06/2008 9:47 am

    Each and every statement right to the point . . . Macain is not a suitable candidate for the role of President of the United States of America, and yet . . . I fear there are enough voting bigots to put him in the Oval Office.

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