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2004 DNC Remembered

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It’s hard to believe that four years have gone by since Boston and the 2004 Democrat National Convention.

It has been four years of agony for me.

As an openly “gay” male who was an elected Alternate Delegate for John Kerry, from Ohio’s 17th Congressional District, I have stated in many conversations over the last four years, that “everything John Kerry said would happen, has happened and the nation didn’t listen.”

Now on the eve of the 2008 Democrat National Convention, a new optimism has emerged. A new sense of purpose and a new vision. But I see behind this new optimism the same flame of passion and purpose that was there on opening day of the DNC in 2004 and the same excited idealistic vision of the early 60’s and Robert Kennedy.

The chant of “Yes We Can” is also the chant of “Yes We Should Have.”

“We Should Have” taken care of health care for all our nation; “We Should Have” made sure that poverty and hunger was a thing of the past, both here and abroad; “We Should Have” brought about equality among all Americans; “We Should Have” been more concerned about our Seniors then about fighting a war that has taken so many lives of our youth and “We Should Have” seen the world as God created, a “bright blue marble” clean and fresh among the stars of heaven.

In 2004 this “child of the sixties” came full circle to see his youth again. To once more feel the “passion” that would make a difference. To “Dream” the magical dream of our founding fathers that “All “Humankind” is created equal.”

Now as we head into the Eve of the 2008 Democrat Convention in Denver, a kindled fire is being renewed in my mind and heart. A fire that will this time take us from “Yes We Should Have” to “Yes We Can.”

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