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“Three Coins in a Fountain”


Thanks to Jim Cicchillo, and “gang”, the “old” fountain on historic Courthouse square is once again spraying water and is a restful spot to stop and take in the view of our “postcard” looking downtown.

I went by the fountain late the other night and as I drove by was impressed with how it looked all lite up, very European, very impressive.

There is an interesting side-light to the fountain story.

During the day, people have been doing what they have for decades in fountains around the world, throwing in coins to make a wish. This custom has been favored by lovers and romantics for centuries but an interesting phenom is happening in Warren.

Several of us have noticed that more than just pennies are being tossed into the fountain, people are also tossing in nickels, dimes and even once and a while quarters but upon inspection the following morning, the pennies remain and the “silver” is gone.

Someone is jumping in the fountain “pool” and retrieving the silver coins and leaving the pennies. This must not be an easy task because the fountain “pool” is over 3 feet deep and would require putting ones head almost under water to scavenge the money.

Guess this could be used as a sign of the “economic” times but probably not, just a “sign of THE times”. Maybe we should leave a bar of soap so that when they re-visit for their late night collection they can also take a bath.

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  1. Josh permalink
    08/23/2008 12:06 pm

    Obviously, the only growth industry in Warren right now is Fountain Coin Salvage.

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