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Ohio Sheriffs Back Cordray


At a news conference in Steubenville Ohio this morning, veterans of local law enforcement in Ohio lined up in support of Ohio State Treasurer Richard Cordray as their next Attorney General.

Sheriffs from Belmont, Harrison and Jefferson counties stated that they believe Cordray has the skill, experience and integrity to build a strong working relationship with local law enforcement.

“The relationship between the State Attorney General and the offices of local prosecutors, sheriffs and police is among the most complicated in public life, and its strengths or weakness can result in real-life heroics or tragedies,” Cordray observed.

“It is my belief that the job of Attorney General is to do everything possible to assist local law enforcement in their daily mission…These are individuals who put their lives at risk to protect our property and our safety. The often have long careers in public service and real history in their community. They know better than any bureaucrat what should be our investigative and crime fighting priorities.”

Cordray cited example of Pickway County Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliffe, who after 44 years in office is the longest serving sheriff in the US. Radcliffe was the first Sheriff to endorse Cordray.

19 Sheriff’s today joined in support of Richard Cordray for State of Ohio Attorney General.

Cordray concluded the press conference with this statement. “The Attorney General should be a resourceful leader with the credibility to secure support for local law enforcement; someone who will strive to simplify bureaucracy, not create it; who will look for ways to add to local resources instead of siphoning them away. I have been a county elected official too, and I know what it’s like to be on the short end of the receiving stick.”

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