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Cordray Makes Warren Visit

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Last Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a local get together, of top Trumbull County Democrats, to “greet and meet” Richard Cordray, State of Ohio Treasurer. Cordray is campaigning to become the State of Ohio’s next Attorney General and replace local politician Marc Dann who resigned in disgrace.

80 or 90 people gathered at the Buckeye Club on North Park for this “meet and greet” that was organized by Warren City Law Director Greg Hicks.

Feeling somewhat out of place, and as I explained to a friend later that in the “pecking order” I was certain to be on the bottom of the list, I was impressed with the elegance of the affair, yet simple, and the “who’s who” of the invited guests.

Before talking with the candidate, I was able to have a minute or two with Ohio State Congressman Tim Ryan. After stating how I was “encouraged” by his growth in the position (as stated previously on Dare To Dream), and how I was not one of his avid supporters at the start, I have now come to the realization he is a valued asset for the 17th Ohio District.

As many of the readers of this “blog” know, I am a big supporter of the Pickens Plan for energy and with that in mind I had to ask the question, “Congressman, what do you think of Boone Pickens energy plan?” He smiled and said, “I like it.” He informed me that Pickens had been before the Congress that week and testified to the Committee which Ryan is a member.

I agree with the Congressman that Pickens “doesn’t need more money” and that his concern for the Nation and it’s reliance on foreign oil is his primary motivation.

Next I had a brief chat with State Representative Tom Letson.

I shared with him that I have had several people state that Tom is hard working, and often behind the scenes, for his district. He does have a more mild manner demeanor than other politicians and especially that of our last two State Representatives.

Now to the main event of the evening.

I had been introduced to Cordray as the leading LGBT Leader in Trumbull County. I’m always taken off guard with that statement but over the last 12 years in Warren have accepted that mantle.

He was not shy in giving his support to LGBT issues and informed me that he had worked on Lambda Defense issues across the Country. His knowledge of “civil rights” issues that concern LGBT members was extensive and thoughtful.

If his tenure as Treasurer is any example, he will be an innovator and not constrained to thinking within the “box”.

When I mentioned the “Pickens Plan” he went even one further with the statement, “I know this might be over the top” but how about the progressive idea, which hasn’t been really talked about, “wind turbines out in the middle of Lake Erie?” He said this would help Ohio “supply more of its own energy.”

This sort of “farsighted vision” thinking is just what Ohio needs in its leaders.

It appears that supporting Cordray is a positive step for “progressive” leadership within the State Attorney Generals Office.

Over the next several months, we will be sharing Cordray’s stand on issues that will be affecting LGBT residents plus the State of Ohio overall. In the meantime, visit Rich Cordray’s web site for info.

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