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Hectic Warren Week


It was definitely a very busy week in Warren.

The leading event this last week was the Tuesday shooting death of longtime Warren resident and businessman Fred DeVengencie and the wounding of his son, Anthony DeVengencie, inside their business Freddie’s Diner on North Park Avenue.

Fred DeVengencie was 91 and his son 71.

Police have said that they believe it was a robbery gone bad but they haven’t released much info.

Dare To Dream learned on Tuesday that the intruder used DeVengencie’s own gun to do the murder. It would appear that the “robbery suspect” was not armed upon entry and was even subdued by the victims.

Apparently the would be robber was able to get the gun away from Fred and shot him before using it on the son.

The suspect was also injured by being hit in the head with a beer bottle before he was subdued. His blood from that injury may provide DNA for an ID.

Police tracked a trail of blood but were unable to find the intruder.

Dare To Dream readers know my stand on “gun control” and this is another incident that points out a reason not issue hand guns. The gun that was used for self defense has turned into a weapon of murder.

A story that has not made much news, if any, was the destruction of car windows in the Downtown Parking Deck. (**added to post late Saturday afternoon: The Tribune ran a story today after being called on Friday by a local business person. Dare To Dream had sat on this posting since last Sunday morning to see if Tribune would report the story which obviously reflects a bad image on Downtown.)

Last Saturday night, after the Italian Festival had ended, someone went into the Parking Deck and smashed all the car windows of those who were parked over night.

The first floor of the “Deck” is used by Downtown landlords for some of there tenants to have as a convenience to park their cars.

We heard that another car was damaged later in the week. Their windows were also smashed.

As a side note. It would appear that the “vandals” also went to the top of the “deck” and tore planks off a guard shack and threw them across the alley way onto the tops of the buildings busting the sky lights.

Maybe not studying traffic cameras for Warren can be replaced with studying security cameras in downtown locations to prevent crime.

This area, the deck, has been vandalized more than once and the roofs of the Market Street businesses have been targeted before.

On a good note, the fountain on Courthouse Square is running again thanks to Jim Cicchillo, President of the Downtown Business Association, and several other groups which joined Cicchillo to help bring back this Downtown landmark.

The restoration of the Fountain is a prime example of “Just Do It” when others say it can’t be done. Originally the City stated it would cost over 30 thousand dollars to redo but Cicchillo and supporters got it done for less than 5 thousand dollars.

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  1. Elsie permalink
    08/16/2008 8:55 am

    Thank you for sharing the information regarding Uncle Fred (and obvious issues of owning a gun). It is heartbreaking about him. It is very sad to know Warren has become this way when it was always a great place to visit.

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