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Leaving Warren


In a couple of weeks my 12 year return to Warren will be over.

It has been an interesting return to the City of my youth and it is with sadness and some regret that I leave, but “every season has a purpose.”

Bob and I tried to do good and as the old saying states…”leave it better than you found it.”

I met many a caring person and was able to renew my “teenage” friendship with others.

In my 2001 campaign for City Council, I stated that there is “power in Warren and that power is the love of those who care. There’s power in Warren and it is the power of unity when striving for a common cause. There’s power in Warren and it is the power of it’s diversity.” But I must now add that there is also a destructive force in the City and that is the “personal agendas” of those in charge; the destructive force of not being able to compromise for the common good; the destructive force of the “status quo.”

Warren gave me a great opportunity to be heard and to be embraced as a part of the community where my Father and Mother left very large shadows in the 60’s.

Never once when I ran for office, as the first openly “gay male”, was that used against me and never once was it an issue. This small mid-west Ohio town, even tho many don’t understand the LGBT issues, were in many ways more supportive and understanding than the nation as a whole.

Not in many towns could an owner of an alternative night club become President of the Downtown Business Association; be appointed as Chairman of the City Traffic Commission; be ELECTED as a delegate to the 2004 Democrat National Convention; be appointed to many other various City Committees and have the support of many of the members of the Police and Fire Departments when running for office.

Tho there is still a large segment of the community in general, and one Councilman in particular, that has not seen the “progressive light”, the quality of life in Warren for a “gay” person politically and socially is on the plus side and we hope that we have been able to help strengthen that by our openness and presences.

On the downside of Warren, which has nothing to do with “gay or “straight”, is the fact that it is dying from internal bleeding. A non business friendly attitude coupled with personal agendas makes it almost impossible to be a positive business force in this city.

Many have noticed the change, in Dare To Dream, as we make the move back to the “homestead” in Northern Summit County. The links and ties to Warren will now be farther and farther apart as we take the “blog” on a larger trip and on larger issues.

The growth of Dare To Dream has been great and with the changes in July, of adding more regional and national subject matter, even better.

In late August I will have one more “editor” statement but for now, Thanks for your support.

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  1. 08/09/2008 8:34 pm

    This news is extremely disheartening for me. I am currently living away from warren but have read your blog as a way to keep up with the real news happening in my city. You gave the truth but also were a hope for warren. You were truly invested in this city and the fact that you are leaving is absolutely depressing. You have shown a lot of hope and optimism and as a young gay man myself looking to rebuild my crumbling hometown, you were a visionary and a forerunner. That you are leaving makes me question whether I could make a difference in my city. Best of luck to you however, warren will sorely miss this public servant.

  2. 08/10/2008 5:01 pm

    Thank you for your kind words. I would hope that you still will endeavor to try and make a difference. The path is not always easy but as the pathway gets “trampled down” it expands, gets larger and then smoother for others to follow. I wish you all the best.

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