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Courthouse Square Fountain


Back in September 2007 and then again in October 2007, Dare To Dream mentioned the project of restoration of the Courthouse Square Fountian that was being “spearheaded” by Jim Cicchillo, President of the Downtown Business Association.

Dare To Dream was the first to put out that info and at the time stated it was “neat” that someone took the “bull by the horns” instead of having a committee review and debate the project but “just” did it!

Part of the reason that Jim Cicchillo lead the effort to get the fountain working was his disagreement with the “City” on their cost figures of 30 thousand dollars to restore the fountain. He believed that he could get it done for much less than the City’s figure.

Today, the Tribune Chronicle had a story on the restoration work, which Cicchillo hopes will be done in time for the Italian American Festival scheduled this weekend, but gave most of the credit to the Trumbull 100 and Jim Graham, both of who were invited to join the project by Jim Cicchillo.

It has always amazed me, that when a good idea and project comes along in Warren, how many people jump on the band wagon and try to change it for their agenda or “usurp” the idea to reap the benefits and/or accolades. Numerous times the original proposer gets lost in the shuffle, such examples are the Entertainment District and Unity Day 1998, where others now get the credit because they joined the idea in “mid-stream” and claim the work.

The Trib’s story attributes Jim Graham for “assigning” the contractor the job when in reality it was Mr. Cicchillo that showed the project to Dennis Perisa who than accepted Cicchillo’s idea to work on the fountain. Dare To Dream was there on that occasion and also was there on the day the contractor started work…no Jim Graham at either of those meetings.

As a sidelight, I know four individuals from the Downtown Business Association who have pledged one hundred dollars each to this Downtown Business Association project, for there are more people concerned and involved in doing good than just the unions and the Trumbull 100 in Warren.

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