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Christian Value Speech


Speaking yesterday in Berlin, Senator Barrack Obama’s speech was full of Christian values.

Rush Limbaugh called it “Marxist” and “one world government” thinking. Mr. Limbaugh, the Christian concept of Heaven is a “one world government”, where the “least” shall be equal with the most; where the meek shall inherit; where no one will go hungry and all shall be one.

Obama’s Berlin speech was full of the “Christian” concept of love, unity and togetherness. In fact every major religion in the world can relate to the concept of “oneness” and “peace” for it is at the very core of their beliefs.

Those Christian Conservatives who profess their love of Jesus should re-visit the Sermon on the Mount and really hear the “liberal/progressive” thoughts that Christians are encouraged to believe, and as the “Great Commission” proclaims, to follow.

In Obama’s speech I heard the ringing of a gospel song: “Learning to live with the family of God”.

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  1. truthmerchant permalink
    11/03/2009 11:04 am

    Progressive Christianity and consistency:

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