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I love a l “lively” debate and a good “verbal sparring” but it would appear that some people are taking that to extremes in their postings on the Tribune Chronicles News web site and becoming what I call “verbal terrorist”.

Never one for censorship, I do believe that the “Trib” needs to monitor more closely the comments being submitted.

On a recent “Grants” story a poster used the phrase “nappy headed black kid”. I do believe that this would have never made it into print for any edition and certainly would have caused a “stir” if voiced by any “talk show host”.

In a story about Congressman Ryan the poster called him a “douche bag“. I really don’t see how that can open up any type of debate on any subject and hiding behind anonymity of “nickname” still doesn’t negate responsible dialog.

The story on Capri Cafaro and the “Smoking Ban” generated a lot of attack “verb-age” but little responsible and logical debate.

One’s character is judged by the words they use and those words should be carefully “custom-made” to fit the thought.

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  1. Josh permalink
    08/05/2008 4:02 pm

    I think I might be the only person on the Trib site who actually has his last name as his board ID.

    Which, of course, gets me in trouble when I get things wrong. And it also keeps me in line in terms of wanting to swear and name call and BS even more.

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