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Sunday Tidbits


The Warren Tribune-Chronicle is not generally known for it’s “progressive” journalism or even a “liberal” point of view. In fact, the “Trib” comes under fire by many for “skirting” issues that really concern the community and it’s well being.

Seemingly more concerned about putting “fluff” stories and pics on the front page, I know residents who have stopped delivery and or even buying the paper because of the overall frustration with the lack of real investigative journalism and reporting.

Many times, before Steve Oravecz was assigned the “City Beat”, I’ve sat in Council meetings and read the story the next day wondering if I was at the same meeting as the reporter.

Now we are losing one of the few “thoughtful” and “thorough” journalistic reporters on the Tribune staff, Steve Oravecz. Steve’s last column runs today.

Steve will venture out into the private sector and we wish him and his wife Cindy well in their adventure.

For one, I will miss his insight, thoroughness and the balance that he gave the Tribune in his reporting, plus his twice a week column. As he would put it, he tried to stay away from the “malarkey” slant on issues and even the “malarkey” issues themselves.

We hope the Tribune appreciated his point of view, as many of us did, for his high degree of professionalism will be sorely missed by all.

Dare To Dream gives him an “Orchid” for a job well done.


Another Sunday Tidbit concerns our dog Sofia.

Many friends, plus readers of Dare To Dream, know of our loss of Sofia back in May. The comments and condolences have been very comforting and we thank you.

One of my favorite authors, T.H. White, was also much taken by the death of his “beloved” Brownie. White wrote often about his grief in that loss of his dog and their “friendship”.

In trying to find a fitting tribute to “Sof”, beside my poem, I went looking for someone who could do a portrait of her from one of the only few good photo’s I had.

I was successful and the “pic” at the start of this post is the end result.

Everyone who has seen it, and saw Sofia personally, has stated that it is the “spitting” image of her. A likeness that can not be denied.

I want to thank the artist, Kathleen Briggs, for her marvelous sensitivity in handling my grief and in her obvious talent in doing the portrait.

Those who wish to contact Kathleen, Portraits In Pastels, about doing a portrait of “pets and people” can reach me through the comment section of this post and I will be glad to arrange contact.

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