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Voice in the Wilderness


Yesterday I received a notice from Dominion Gas that my gas bill will be increased in September 2008. In fact it will increase 60% from $9.39 per mcf to $15.49 per mcf.

In a recent Dare To Dream post, we mentioned about Texas Oilman T. Boone Pickens and his plan to help make America more self reliant on energy. You’ll find a link to the right for the Pickens Plan.

It would appear that Mr. Pickens has been making his pitch about less dependency on foreign oil for a long time.

According to an article in the July 14th, 2008 edition of the Chicago Tribune, Pickens has been “touting” his plan as far back as 1996, so this approach isn’t just a new one due to the present gas situation.

It would appear that when he approached Bob Dole, the then Republican nominee for President, he was advised that no-one “gives a damn about energy…” and it’s a “sleeping dog” that no-one wants to wake.

According to “oilman” Pickens, neither Clinton or Dole “had a problem with energy…They didn’t want anything to do with it.” And that , he stated, sums up why the U.S. has stood by and watched its addiction to oil grow for decades.

So as I look at my Dominion announcement and seeing the increase, just after I had gassed my car and spent $40, I can take only small comfort in the fact that there is a “Voice in the Wilderness” trying to get a grasp on the situation.

Mr. Pickens believes that self reliance can be done in 10 years. Just think, if Bob Dole had listened, or in fact anyone would have listened to him in 1996, maybe the present situation of $4.00 gallon of gas might have been not so drastic an increase.

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