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No He Didn’t…


In the “No He Didn’t” say or do category of local politics, Councilman Bob Dean and City Treasurer John Homlitas seem to have put their political “foot in mouth” this week.

First Bob Dean in stating that he tabled his proposed “Traffic Camera” legislation because he wanted to let the “…people catch up” with the idea and facts on that the legislation.

“Oh Pleeze!” First to cast a shadow over those who are opposed to this “traffic control” via camera by saying that they basically need to learn more is offensive.

Mr. Dean should just admit he was way short on votes to get this issue through Council.

The basic “straw poll” showed that he only had three votes out of the ten members of Council and that’s two less than needed to have the President of Council cast his vote, which Mr. Dean added was another reason he was tabling, not wanting to put Bob Marchese, President of Council, in that position.

Hello, Mr. Dean…that’s Mr. Marchese’s job.

In another “No He Didn’t” do that was City Treasurer John Homlitas having an audit done on a Warren citizen because they spoke out against the “camera” issue and then complained that the City taxes were to high.

Mr. Homlitas assured everyone it was him “just doing his job” not anything in “retaliation” to her opposition on the issues she addressed at the Council meeting.

I’m a supporter of Mr. Homlitas and believe he meant no harm but I hope he isn’t “peeking” in the Karl Rove play book of political dirty tricks.

Both of these incidents, plus my own involving Councilman Novak, has me wondering about how our local elected officials actually view people who, in good conscience, oppose them and have differing points of views.

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