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Let the Wind Blow cont.


The following is a repost from January of this year:

The Trumbull County Planning Commission has started studying, and opened the door to exploring the possibility of Solar, Wind, Hydro and other alternative methods of power, not just to use but also as a tool for Economic Development.


This “progressive” course, which other areas throughout the Country have been seriously exploring for the last three to five years, could be a real “jump start” to economic growth throughout the “Valley”.

Hopefully this idea will go forward with action and not just end in a press release for then it will truly just be “Blowing in the Wind”.

Let The Wind Blow continued: I wanted to revisit my January post in light of this week’s statement by “oil tycoon” T. Boone Pickens on alternate energy plans and especially “wind” power.

Mr. Picken’s proposals and “frankness” is what’s needed in these times of “energy madness”.

In a news conference Mr. Picken’s was asked if his plan was “self serving” and in typical Texan fashion he stated, and I paraphrase…”I’m 80 years old and worth 4 billion dollars, I don’t need more money.”

He squarely states that it has been the “lack” of leadership in the energy field, especially by Washington, that has put us behind in being self reliant when it comes to the energy problem.

Now to my January post and the Trumbull County Planning Commission’s “study” concerning local use of “solar, hydro and wind” power locally.

It’s been 7 months since the release of their statement concerning the study but nothing seems to be in the “breeze” and all is silent on this matter.

Hopefully this, like many other “progressive” ideas in the area, is more then “All Show and No Go”.

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