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Warren FD and PD


There are two groups of people in the “City” which I feel don’t get enough credit. First the Warren Police Department and second the Warren Fire Department.

It’s the second group that I wish to mention.

This band of “first responders” hardly ever get the praise they deserve. Their dedication and selfless devotion to the Community often goes unnoticed.

Back on February 8th 2005, I, and our business, had the first hand experience seeing these fine “public servants” in action when the building that housed our business had a fire. They did everything possible to insure that the business sustained as little damage as possible.

When they found that the fire was in a different section of the building their concern was still apparent as they went out of their way to protect our section but also the contents withing. By their actions the building was saved and our business suffered only smoke damage with minor water damage.

The business was reopened 24hrs later with the the dedication of an all night cleanup of our staff and because of the “spirit” of the Warren Fire Department crews that responded to the situation.

Tho the building was later torn down by the owner, mainly because of the cost to bring it back to Warren Building Department codes, we still operated for another 7 months and that I tribute to the WFD.

It has been mentioned by many, that the Warren Fire Department should have their own EMT/EMS as part of the “first responders” abilities to serve the Community. Over the next several weeks I would like to explore that suggestion and what appears to be a great benefit to the Fire Department and the Community in particular.

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