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Happy Fourth of July 2008


In wanting to do a nice tribute for the holiday, I researched all the patriotic music I could find, wanting to do something “grande”. After talking to a friend, I came to a self revelation about keeping it simple.

Oh, I could find Sousa marches, tributes to the military and even as I did last year, I could use Kate Smith singing Irving Berling’s God Bless America, but the grandeur of this Nation is much more than “patriotic tunes” or parades.

In 1893, during a trip to this Country for the first time, European composer Antonin Dvorak was so taken with America that he wrote the 9th Symphony, commonly called the “New World Symphony”.

My favorite selection from the “New World” is the 2nd Movement-Largo. You may recognize it, for later words were written and a gospel hymn called “Going Home” was born.

As found on YouTube, here is my Independence Day Tribute, The 9th Symphony, 2nd Movement-Largo by Antonin Dvorak, performed by the USAF Big Band with pictures from the “Hubble Space Telescope”. The end of the piece is “Going Home” performed by Libera.

Happy and Safe Holiday from us at Dare To Dream

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