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Flow of Change


I once heard that there comes a point in ones life when “things are taken away faster then given”, and I’m now realizing that fact.

When we are younger, things are “given” to us and we accumulate those items and friends that will enhance us, stimulate us and even shape us as the people and adults we become.

Then one morning, as if by magic, we wake up and things start leaving us, changing before us, rearranging the very fabric of our daily existence. The familiar landmarks are torn down, the friends we grew up with move away and or even pass away. Our walk becomes more unsteady, eyes focus not so clearly and the memory of the past seems more real then the present.

In other words, “change” is inevitable.

Over the next several months, I will be changing the direction of Dare To Dream, for my life too is changing.

The last several months have been exciting to watch the growth of “Dare” as we approach the 4000 thousand visitor mark. Since January, each month has set a record in visits and June is no exception for we will go over 700 hundred visits.

As a new direction in my life is evolving so I will take the “blog” in a newer and wider scope of adventure.

No more will I concentrate the efforts of Dare To Dream on the “going ons” in Warren Ohio but will now open it up to a larger range of events and issues. I feel that the “stagnation” of this City has become so in-trenched in daily life that “change” and “growth” will forever be just a “plan”.

As my life progresses in a new “direction” and “location”, I look back on the last 12 years in the my “adoptive Hometown” with fondness, mixed with pain. Warren of my youth will be forever a joy but Warren of my adulthood has sadness.

Some of the accomplishments that I will remember: That when the “Klan” came to town in August 1998, the birth of “Unity Day” was started in our small business on Pine Avenue and blossomed into 4000 people attending the anti Klan rally at the High School Stadium; that a small tavern could raise nearly 40 thousand dollars for local charities in almost ten years and nearly 3000 pounds of food “stuff” for local Food Banks; the proposed “Entertainment District” started with a small idea and speech given to Council back in October 2000; that a small tavern in Warren could raise more money for Senior Mobile Meals in Trumbull County than any other business in the County, not just one year but two years in a row and, even tho there’s much more, the saving of the Fairhaven School’s Summer Golf Olympics because of a simple fund raiser.

So as we head into the Summer months of July and August, we’ll start to change the topics of discussion from just local venues to those which affect us on a Statewide, National and International level.

Thanks for your support and let’s hear from you.

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