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Crowded Street Corner


Driving Downtown this past week, I have noticed a potential problem starting to develop at the corner of High Street and Pine Avenue.

It seems that the usual “congregation” of people at the Warner House doors have moved over to the parking lot side of the street, with milk crates and plastic bags, making a smoking “spa” and meeting place.

As I pulled around the street from High to Pine there were at least ten to twelve “congregants” milling about, along with several crossing the street from Warner House door to the “gathering”. Of course there was no sense of urgency in their crossing and cars had to stop to allow for their passage.

This “group” has been “hanging out” at this location all week and I’m assuming that it’s because of the “smoking ban” in, or near, public buildings.

No matter what the reason, this situation could pose a possible “present danger” for traffic flow and pedestrian traffic at that intersection.

We need to move this “congregation” to a more suitable location not just for safety but eliminate the “hang out” perception that it gives Downtown.

One proposal I would offer is that the Warner House make the empty lot between the Law Office, on the West side of the Street, a “patio” setting for smoking and thereby moving the group off the streets.

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  1. Josh permalink
    06/29/2008 7:03 pm

    haha. I like when a car stops right in front of the entrance and they mill about in the street, talking to whoever is in the car. I would think the ideal solution would be to move all the HUD/section 8 housing out of downtown….Ah, a boy can dream…

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