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40 Years Ago


Forty years ago, as a young idealistic 22 year old, my dreams of changing the world came to a sudden slide with the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Tho I never fully abandoned the ideas of peace, equality and a world filled with good, it did seem that the world changed overnight to one of fear, gloom and questioning of motives.

I remember being over seas and receiving a letter from my strong Republican Mother and how she knew of my deep sense of loss in the death of Robert Kennedy. At the end of the letter my Mom put the words, “Don’t lose the dream” and then she quoted the almost famous line…”some men see things as they are and ask why; I dream things that have never been and ask why not?”.

The other night as I listened to Barack Obama’s speech from Minnesota, deep inside my spirit, I could feel a spark, one that was not totally extinguished, begin to burn again. After these forty years could it be that the “dream” has arrived?

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