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Monument Park/Groundbreaking


Groundbreaking has started on Monument Park and the new WWII Memorial Walkway.

As Dare To Dream readers already know, I have been for the concept of a WWII Walkway but I felt the destruction of what is “hallowed” ground was unacceptable, but alas, as it usually is in Warren, special group agenda’s got in the way of any worthwhile compromise.

I had suggested that it be moved to the Amphitheater entrance and utilizing that open space and by the way that was one of the visions when the Amphitheater was first proposed and as the concept was developed.

If anyone has seen the men and bulldozer at work they would have noticed that the base of the WWI Doughboy” looked as tho it was broken in two and overturned.

Rumor has it that a time capsule was found and there seems to be two stories. One is that it was a capsule placed there many, many years ago and another that it was only placed there in the 1990’s. At any rate, again this “hallowed” ground has been disturbed and maybe the monuments have been harmed by the moving.

I did notice that the gun mount for one of the canons was damaged and the plaque has been removed. I have heard that the guns will not be put back in the park after the work is done.

I talked to one VFW member who was going to buy a $100 brick and he wanted to put his Dad’s name on it along with the ship he served on in WWII and since this “Vet” was a Viet Nam Vet he was going to use the last two line for his name and unit.

When he signed up for the brick, $100 in hand, he was told by the “Trib” rep that only one name per brick, even tho the $100 brick has four lines.

He questioned this concept and was told basically that was the “decision of the committee and that’s what it is.” So not to be deterred the “Vet” said “ok, I’ll buy two $50 dollar bricks and they can be placed next to each other”. “No” was the reply, “We can’t guarantee that the two bricks will be near each other and the contractor doesn’t have the time to sort through the bricks”.

At this point the “Vet” picked up his money and said, under his breath, “To heck with it”.

It would seem that more than “hallowed ground” has been disturbed but “hallowed memories” have been too.

At this point in the post I will re-state my point about correcting the spelling on the Policemen’s Memorial while they are doing the work on the WWII Walkway.

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