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Loss of a Family Member/Not a Pet


Sofia Duchess of Muscovy.

June 24, 1992 – May 27, 2008

Many years ago, as a young man in my 20’s, I wrote a poem that has one of my favorite lines, “Every boy should have a dog to remember as a man.” This was written about my boyhood dog Lady.

Now as one who is approaching the Autumn/Winter of my life I must write another line about another dog, Sofia, our Siberian Husky, who became a big part of our family life just days short of 16 years.

As I watched her draw her last breath on Tuesday afternoon, I found myself saying that line written for Lady and then adding “…and as a man to have a dog who brought out the boy”. “Sof”, thanks for helping me be the boy again but most of all, thanks for the unconditional love you gave to the “family”.

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  1. 05/28/2008 3:07 pm


    So sorry about Sophie..I can understand your pain.
    A Siberian is a most precious dog.God Bless.

  2. DaVinci permalink
    05/30/2008 9:36 am

    So sorry about Sophie. You have our condolences.

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