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Is the Tribune Word Selective?


In a recent Tribune Chronicle editorial, by Steve Oravecz, concerning the “Every Women” bronze statue in the Women’s Park next to City Hall, Oravecz explained that there had been complaints about a certain part of the “bronze” which some had taken offense. It would appear that the “flimsy” sculptured blouse is to real for some people.

As I read the story I found myself substituting the word “nipple” in the appropriate place, for it was an obvious omission by someone and I really can’t help thinking that it was a “higher up” decision. My conclusion is based on a previous story about a teenage male who was arrested in Perkins Park for “a self sex act” and the Trib wouldn’t even use the word “masturbation” to describe the “sex” act.

In the scheme of things, “nipple” and “masturbation” are legit words and mild to many you see elsewhere.

In-fact, the Trib went out of the way to post on their web site some of the sensual emails of Marc Dann even devoting a full page posting for those emails. Sort of hypocritical and border line “tabloid journalism.”

Now to those who think that art should be censored, “It is what it is”…a nipple.

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