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Town’s A Buzzin’


A lot of “chit chat” about City problems gets discussed in Warren over morning coffee.

From the Sunrise to the Saratoga, from Mocha House to Blue Iris, everyone was commenting on the the monies slated for Downtown Warren and several of the “capital” improvements.

500 thousand dollars has been earmarked for an E-Commerce Business Incubator in Warren, 100 thousand dollars slated for Someplace Safe and building repairs and lastly 50 thousand dollars to help on the World War II Memorial.

The former Showcase Book Store has been selected as the proposed site of the “Incubator” along with the “old” Job and Family Service One-Stop Offices being the site for an “arcade”, with small shops, to connect Market Street and the Alley (Parking Deck).

The City has an arrangement to purchase those two buildings from the present owner. Budget for the projects looks as tho it will be over 4 million dollars to complete.

Now I might add that many who were “chatting” over that coffee this morning are skeptical but I was pleasantly surprised that many are willing to “wait and see”.

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  1. DaVinci permalink
    05/21/2008 12:19 pm

    Personally, I think the city should just take the two buildings that are going to be used for this project. Mr Cleese has let them fall into such a state of disrepair, that it will cost a fortune to make them usable. There has to be some laws on the book to allow something like this to happen…

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