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New Project Manager’s Been Around the Block


One comment over heard this morning in regards to Warren GROWS new project manager was, “Seems to had a lot of jobs”.

In a Monday afternoon function, Warren GROWS introduced it’s new Executive Director, James Dalessandro.

Dalessandro’s responsibilities will be coordinating, initiating and implementing a Downtown Development Program that utilizes the National Main Street Community process. That process has four basic prongs 1). organization 2). promotion 3). design and 4). economic restructuring.

It is reported that when asked yesterday “where he was going to start first” his answer was that he “didn’t know” and it “was up to the Board” to decide. I’m not really comfortable with that answer and wonder if he’s done his “homework” on Downtown.

Before coming to this position, Mr. Dalessandro worked as a sales associated for an international retail operation; academic adviser; search consultant; consumer loan and vendor specialist at FirstMerit Bank; a development manager with Multiple Sclerosis Society; owned his own retail clothing company and owned his own ad agency.

Dalessandro commented to the “Trib” that his job will be listening to “people and merchants” to hear “what they are really saying”. When merchants speak up, he said his job will be to figure out what “they are really saying” and seeing if plans can be adjusted. I guess you can add interpreter to one of those job listings but I think when Downtown Merchant say they “want diagonal parking” they really mean “they want diagonal parking.”

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  1. DaVinci permalink
    05/21/2008 12:22 pm

    I believe this is a good thing to have someone new in there to take the helm, however, he should look to the old plans for advice. Listening to the shopkeeps and merchants downtown is a good idea, but how many times do they have to say what they want and what is needed. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this.

  2. 05/21/2008 2:36 pm

    Good point! Many “shopkeepers” are very discouraged because no-one has been “listening” to them, only “hearing” them.

    If the “new” Director just becomes a political tool of those on Warren GROWS who have a “personal” agenda, I fear that it will be the “same old” direction.

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