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Letter Writers Beware


In June 2007, I wrote a letter to the Tribune’s Letter to the Editor section which was published in Sunday’s edition.

It would appear that one of my letters which concerned Councilman Novak, Benji-Brown and the area surrounding Washington, Belmont and Mahoning Avenues, obviously had an impact on the Councilman.

Today as I was mailing letters at the Main post office, Councilman Novak saw fit to confront me about what he perceived as “the nasty letter you wrote.”

Let me set up the scene.

I had just dropped my letters in the mail slot when I noticed the Councilman enter the lobby and heading towards me.

I said, “Good morning Mr. Novak” to which I received no reply.

Then I said, “How are you Mr. Novak?” and again I received no reply until he was standing in front of me with finger jabbing at my chest.

“My father got up at six o’clock in the morning and had to read that nasty letter you wrote about me doing nothing in the Belmont, Washington area.” Really it wasn’t about him doing nothing in those areas, it was that there were more important issues affecting the ward then proposing an “unconstitutional resolution” in council.

As he’s jabbing at my chest, his voice is on the rise, “boy does this lobby echo was my thought”.

I really don’t think that in any of my letters that I’ve written, I’ve been nasty to Mr. Novak, critical maybe but not nasty, so I answered with, “Mr. Novak you are an elected official. If you can’t take it, then resign.”

Of course his answer was more terse and it reflected that he was going to make a bigger scene.

His innuendo threats, “Maybe I should let people know…”, about losing my business and my “City Loan”, was apparently his way of “flexing” his power.

He berated me with “you think you’re always right” and “you should admit when you’re wrong”.

At this point I answer glibly, “I do, maybe you should try it” and walked way.

It is amazing that he didn’t remember to mention that I praised him in a letter, July 2007, on his idea of using Turner Junior High School as the “City’s One Stop Shop”.

Since Mr. Novak has challenged Community Development Director Mike Keys and later Councilman Bob Dean to fights, I guess my verbal haranguing was mild.

Someone once told me that the difference between Warren City Council and Warren Harding High School Student Council is the fact that Student Council has “adult supervision.” Does anyone know if Warren City Council has a “zero tolerance” against fighting?

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  1. Kathy permalink
    05/20/2008 11:09 pm

    Haha! This is great! I think they do need supervised!

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