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Is It The End or Just The Beginning?


Ohio State Attorney General Marc Dann’s face was on front page of every major Ohio newspaper this morning as the “press” puts on the pressure. Everyone writing and speculating as they race to be the first with the story of Marc’s resignation. As of this posting he has not resigned.

Somehow in the media frenzy today word went out that the AG was going to hold a noon press conference. As noon came and went without a news conference, information surfaced that no one in the AG’s office called the conference and Marc was at lunch. Now we do seem to have a “circus”.

WTAM Radio reported that the AG’s offices had been sealed by the Ohio State Patrol in the protection of documents and to prevent anything leaving the premises. It also appears that the OSP did remove several computers.

So as each day starts and ends with speculation on the daily developments of info and whether Marc will resign or not, one has to pause to wonder if this whole “drama” is about to end or is it just the beginning?

As one who raised money for Marc’s campaign, supported his campaign and believed in him, I now just want it to end and then those who believed in the “message” can pickup the pieces and move forward.

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