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What’s Happening to Tradition?


With thoughts of moving monuments on Monument Park and demolition of “old” Warren Harding HS one has to wonder what is happening to “tradition” and preservation of our past.

First let’s talk about WGH. Granted they plan to leave the facade but how are the going to secure just the front frame work without the possibility of it crumbling down? It’s seems that this tact is basically an exercise in futility.

If not saving the old portion, including the Auditorium, then just pull it all down and be done with it. It would appear that several people feel that’s what will happen in the long term anyway.

Monument Park is slated to have some of the monuments that are in place moved around and or, rumor has it, cannons might be removed all together to make room for the WWII Monument.

Again I feel, as stated in previous posts, leave things as they are and expand the monuments to the front entrance of the Amphitheater and while you’re at it, correct the spelling on the Policemen’s Memorial.

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