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AG Admits to Errors


I’ve just finished watching the Ohio State Attorney General, Marc Dann, hold a press conference in which he admitted to error’s in judgment in hiring “friends”, having an “affair” which he is ashamed of and promises he will “do better.”

Watching Marc agonize through the press conference and answering every question from the press corp, one could see glimpses of the Marc Dann that many of us believed in and supported.

It was impressive that he did not cut short the news conference and stayed until the reporters had exhausted their questioning.

As we have stated before on Dare To Dream, the Youngstown connection with the two now dismissed staffers gives the “Valley” another black eye.

There was one comment that was disturbing. The AG said that a Cleveland friend had told him along time ago that he should “be more your Shaker Heights self than your Youngstown self.” That too doesn’t bode well for the well being of the “Valley”.

My admiration for the AG has been shaken over the last several months and I, like so many others in the “Valley, hope that he can still bring credit to himself, the office of AG, the State of Ohio and also the Mahoning Valley.

Watching and listening to the press conference, an old Amish saying kept coming to mind, “I intend better than I tend.”

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