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Add to the Plan


As many of the Dare To Dream readers know, I haven’t been very gun-ho “for the plan” since there’s a “ton” of old ones sitting around. In fairness I have stressed that anything that gets Warren off “dead” center I’m willing to work and help obtain. Also I have to confess that the difference in this “Comprehensive Plan” is, the group working on it, will propose a course of action whereas the old plans didn’t have a structure on how to obtain the end results.

I would like to add several other ideas to be considered in this “Comprehensive” study.

Include Warren City Ordinance 11866/05, Entertainment District. Since 2001 when I first proposed to council this idea, it has been floating around with everyone liking the concept but no-one knowing what to do with it.

Next, take the Citizen’s Park and Recreation Study placed before Council and lets make the Parks a year around place for family and events.

There has been talk of an outdoor pool. Lets see if the “study” could find ways to use the old YWCA as a recreation center and indoor pool for year around use. If the YWCA doesn’t work maybe using old Western Reserve High School could fit the bill.

How about “studying” the feasibility of using the Warner House and Reeves as up scale apartments.

Maybe we could find ways to develop the “old warehouse” on Main next to the Health Department Building.

It’s five wonderful floors with great potential. First floor could be devoted to a Dinner Club. The second floor to shops and boutiques like florist, hair styling and card shops. The third and fourth could be “loft” apartments. Each floor of the building has hard wood floors and a working freight elevator. Work out something with the city and use the old “Train Station” property for parking and put a “crossing bridge” from there to the second floor shops.

Finally, add in diagonal parking to the “Comprehensive Plan” and let’s have a final decision on the merits of this subject.

If we are going to spend 182 thousand dollars then let us leave no “stone” or empty building out of the possible dream.

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