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Congressman Ryan Tackles Energy Crisis


Our own 17th Ohio Congressional District Congressman, Tim Ryan, announced today that he is co-sponsoring H.R. 5473, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Act of 2008. This legislation would force President Bush to stop diverting oil to the SPR and move it to market which would in return force down the price of gasoline.

Presently the SPR is 95 % full with 695 million barrels of oil stock piled. It is estimated that people would see an immediate .25 cent reduction in prices at the pump if diverted oil went straight to refineries.

Congressman Ryan is quoted as stating that he finds “it simply ridiculous that our coutry is confronted by a foreign was, a mortgage foreclosure crisis, an economic recession, a credit crunch, higher food prices, and skyrocketing gas prices and the President won’t lift a finger to provide some relief…”

Congressman…you make us proud of your actions when many of our other local politicians only do church card parties, high school events, photo ops and try to find ways to tax us more and add to our burden instead of relieving them.

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