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More Upscale Apartments Needed


When I heard the news that the Packard Apartments on North Park where sold to someone wanting to upscale them, restore actually, into “urban professional dwellings” I was excited.

Since then I have been in general conversation with people and a thought seems to have emerged that it would be a great idea to do the same with the Reeves Apartments, on West Market, and the Warner House on the corner of Pine Avenue and High Street.

This does make a lot of sense and it would be nice in that “Comprehensive Plan” City Officials are touting that maybe this idea “seeps” into the frame work.

In Dr. Richard Florida’s book, The Rise of Creative Class, he pushes night life with an “Entertainment Area” coupled with an upscale Downtown Living Environment for the “young professional” in any Economic Growth for City Downtowns.

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  1. Josh permalink
    04/27/2008 5:57 pm

    Oh my god, it would be wonderful if they can turn the Reeves and Warner ‘Homes’ around. Do a search on the ‘sex offender database’ for those addresses and you’ll see reasons why this low income, section eight type housing needs to be pushed away from downtown.

    One of Mayor McCheese’s (I have christened him so as he apparently spends many mornings, not at the Mocha House, Blue Iris or Saratoga, but up at the big, corporate fast food place with all the cronies too cheap to spend their mornings anywhere else) ‘ideas’ is to have ‘mixed income’ condos and such on the old Diane Sauer site. Now who is going to want to buy, lease or rent a condo or apartment that shares a parking lot with a gaggle of the poor, the mentally handicapped and/or sex offenders. The answer? I can’t imagine anyone.

    There’s plenty of nice apartments downtown. The one above the karate studio on West Market, for instance. Although it has been empty for almost two months since the previous tenants moved, angry after allegedly not having heat for three months on one of the floors. Funny how the landlord there, who is also head of WRAP, seemingly and allegedly did something that lost the downtown area two young, creative and presentable denizens .

    Luckily for those who might suscribe to the Mayor’s plan of building more housing, chances are those who make this plan will put into the plan that all the available empty apartments should be filled before building something new.

    Maaaaan….Just the money spent of studying slanted parking or studying if the city should move all their offices into one building could have been used as grants and subsidies towards serious downtown building owners who might need some help getting sprinklers and ‘second exits’ all the red tape that is getting in the way of some folks fixing up their second and third floors downtown.

  2. DaVinci permalink
    04/28/2008 1:32 pm

    Now, while I feel this is a fantastic idea of redoing those apartments, I just do not think it will happen due to our over agressive building officials. Apparantly the best way to keep people safe is to make it so the owners can not afford to open a business, thus alleviating any possible catastrophes. How many businesses have decided to move out or not open because of our building officials?

  3. Big Daddy permalink
    04/29/2008 6:34 am

    DaVinci, you are absolutely correct on your assessment of the Warren Building Department and the “officials” that are in charge.

    It would appear that their main concern is not working with businesses in the City of Warren, but to delight in making the businesses jump thru hoops, knowing that any type of appeal will take months and money and thereby crushing the spirit of any small business person to proceed with plans.

    It has always amazed me that “officials” in Warren who have the fate of business in their “hands” have never been in business themselves.

  4. 04/30/2008 9:44 am

    I think I am one who, as a former business owner, can speak from first hand knowledge when it comes with dealing with the Warren City Building Department and the officials that are “in charge”.

    The horror stories I have to tell speak of a Building Department that is arbitrary, capricious, dictatorial with power to obstruct any business success.

    Codes are there to follow but it would appear that Warren’s Building Department delights in taking the codes to extreme for their own self gratification.

    Many businesses “buckle” under to the Department’s “whims” rather than go to arbitration because of delays, loss of revenue and time restraints and that’s what the Building Department counts on to “wheel” the “power”.

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