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Develop and Support What You Got Too


One thing that always seems to get me mad is when I find out an event has happened, and I didn’t know about it, or when I see it in the “Trib” and it’s happening that night or the next day when you already have plans.

Over the years I have joked that the City needed a PR person to coordinate making sure the word got out about the many wonderful and exciting things that are happening at TAG, Fine Arts Council, Packard Music Hall, TNT and so on. In fact there are two organizations that should have that responsibility.

First the “Regional” Chamber of Commerce, which seems to be more concerned about Mahoning County then their “step child”, Trumbull County, and then there’s the Trumbull County Tourist Board.

Now I must admit to somewhat being naive about the Tourist Board for you don’t see anything, since their shakeup, about what they’re doing.

When I was in business, I remember having to go out and find the fliers that might be around for the Fine Arts Council, Music Hall or any other event so my patrons could be informed. I would use City Events to attract customers for those nights and I would plan to have a show or band to start after the City event.

With the City’s “Comprehensive Plan” and Warren Grows concentrating on “economic development”, it would be wonderful if they would develop a better communications and support system in getting the word out about events/entertainment we already have throughout the City and County. If they did you would see more “present day” economic growth and thereby boosting the businesses who are already here struggling.

It’s nice to attract and develop new businesses but don’t forsake the ones you already have.

In surfing the City’s own web page I see lots of things happening at Museums, Amphitheater and Music Hall just to name a few. Yes, I understand it should be the organizers of those events who have the responsibility to do the PR but the City’s weight behind it would be an added benefit and “stimulate” more interest.

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