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Sin Tax Really a Sin!


The only real “sin” in a “sin tax” is the proposal itself.

Councilmen Dean and Barkley’s “trial balloon” proposal of a Warren City “Sin Tax” really doesn’t have a chance in light of the present economic conditions locally.

Failure of the majority of school levies throughout the area should tell most elected officials the mood of the voters in the “Valley”.

Granted their proposal is to pass a Council Resolution asking the State to change “State Law giving Municipalities the ability to put an additional tax on cigarettes and alcohol” but it’s hard to believe that State Representative Tom Letson and State Senator Capri Carfro really will rally to this approach to increase City revenues.

The last time I can remember a passage of the so called “sin tax” was when Cuyahoga County passed one to help build the new stadium and it would seem unlikely that we would pass an issue of this sort without some other reason than “increasing revenues” for the City.

It maybe only me but another reason for not being for this idea is that name “Sin Tax” and all the connotations it brings forth.

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